Terry Collins: 'We're a little frustrated we're not more over .500'

NEW YORK -- New York Mets manager Terry Collins is not prepared to take a victory lap just yet.

Sure, the New York Mets enjoyed an 11-game winning streak in April and overcame injuries to post a 47-42 record at the All-Star break. But the manager knows the Amazin's have accomplished nothing yet. And Collins knows what the schedule looks like once play resumes Friday.

The Mets open the second half with three-game series at St. Louis and Washington. They then host the Dodgers for four games. All three opponents occupy first place in their divisions.

Right now, the Mets sit two games behind the Nationals for first place in the NL East and a game behind the Chicago Cubs for the second wild-card spot.

"We've still got 70 games to play," Collins said. "At the break to be over .500, yeah, that's a nice accomplishment. It's certainly not the end-all. We're a little frustrated we're not more over .500. All we've got to do is continue to play and grind this out. We come out of that break with 10 games against three teams in first place. So we've still got a tough road ahead."

The Mets raced to a 13-3 record. They went 34-39 the remainder of the half, and that's with winning seven of their final nine games.

"As we go into any night, the attitude in the clubhouse, I think, is: 'Hey, we're going to be in this game. Now let's just figure out a way to score some runs,'" Collins said. "As we move into the second half, that's got to be the mentality we have, that, 'Look, we can win any night. If we just have productive outs, move runners along, try to scratch a run here and there and add on once in a while, we'll win our majority because our pitching is so good.'

"The [11-game winning] streak was certainly a huge part of our first half, but I think the fact that we fought through all of the injuries we've had and still are hanging in there is probably as we look back the best thing we've achieved," Collins said. "Our pitchers have hung in there. They've pitched very well. We've gone through an offensive slump and yet we're still right there. I attribute that to the fact that these guys come out every night and they don't get down when things aren't going good. They keep that steady attitude and try to stay as positive as they can. There's been some good things. There's been some rough things.

"You know what? When we come out of the break, we're going to be in the hunt. That's all we can ask for."