Coca-Cola to replace Pepsi at Mets' Citi Field

NEW YORK -- In a move that will become official Monday, Coca-Cola is replacing Pepsi as the soft drink at Citi Field beginning Jan. 1.

“Pepsi had a nice long run here -- a great partner for many, many, many years,” New York Mets executive VP Lou DePaoli said Friday. “But we were made a phenomenal offer with Coke. They’ve been very aggressive from a marketing standpoint and bring some change to the table and some new assets.”

Mr. Met and the Coca-Cola Polar Bear will ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday, when the partnership will formally be announced.

As a result, branding at Citi Field will change, including a new name for the Pepsi Porch in right field.

“Yes, since Pepsi will no longer be a partner of ours, their assets are put in play,” DePaoli said. “It’s still TBD.”