Mets captain David Wright: No need for Panic City after 2-3 start

NEW YORK -- The New York Mets had a moribund offense for the opening four months of last season. They then received a late-July jolt with the promotion of Michael Conforto and the acquisitions of Yoenis Cespedes, Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe and became the first team to reach the World Series after being last in the majors in runs scored on July 31.

Well, Conforto and Cespedes are now around for a full season. And while Johnson and Uribe have left, the Mets have imported infielders Neil Walker and Asdrubal Cabrera.

So the bottom line about the Mets' sluggish start at the plate to the season is this: There's no need to panic, even if the club mustered only four hits in Sunday's 5-2 rubber-game loss to the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Mets (2-3) had been blanked by Philadelphia on Saturday.

"The track record, I think, speaks for itself of the guys in our lineup," captain David Wright said. "But, at the same time, the goal right now is to win games. We didn't do that the last couple of days, and we're upset at that. But the last thing we need to do is guys start revamping their swings or making adjustments they don't need to make, because in this game you're going to run through two, three, four days a week where things just aren't going right. Those are the days where you hope to just offensively maybe just scratch out a hit and a walk, or try to win a game doing some of the smaller things -- the baserunning, the base stealing. And that's something we weren't able to do the last couple of days. And we've really struggled offensively for two days. But it's two days.

"If we get this thing going in the direction, I think, we're capable of, and if you look at the back of these guys' baseball cards, I don't think anybody in here should feel too worried at this moment. But, at the same time, let's win some games so we don't have to continuously keep talking about it."

The Mets are hitting an MLB-worst .180 with 14 runs scored through five games. It comes at a time when the team ERA stands at a stellar 2.05.

"We'd like to win these. That's for sure," Wright said. "But there's a lot of time to prove what we want to prove -- and that's be successful at home and be successful in our division. We're not off to the best of starts. We've got a chance to rebound against a very good Marlins team. So it will be a nice test for us. But certainly for us to accomplish what we set out to accomplish, we're going to need to get it done at home, we're going to need to get it done in our division, and we didn't do that this weekend."

It's worth noting that the Mets opened last season with a 2-3 record as well. They then immediately rattled off 11 straight wins.

"Guys are upset when we lose. But when you look at the big picture of things, we're still trying to get our feet under us at the beginning of the season," Wright said. "Again, we want to win. And we're going out there preparing to win. It's just sometimes you get in these little funks and you get outplayed for a couple of days. I don't think it's anything more than that. You don't see any panicked looks on the faces. You don't see any craziness going on. It's baseball. And when you play this long season, you're going to go into some ruts where for a couple of days you just don't play as well as we're supposed to play."