Mets' David Wright dealing with shoulder soreness

LOS ANGELES -- New York Mets third baseman David Wright is dealing with shoulder soreness, which could be the result of accommodations he has made with his throwing angle to place less stress on his balky back, manager Terry Collins said.

Wright has a pre-scheduled day off Wednesday as the Mets continue a series with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Wright is mostly avoiding overhand throws and has noticeably less velocity on his throws to first base this season. For instance, he fielded Adrian Gonzalez's grounder in the eighth inning Tuesday and stepped on third base for a fielder's choice but was unable to get the ball to first base in time to complete a double play.

Collins said the Mets need to reinforce with Wright that he needs to use his legs more during his throws so his arm is not overtaxed.

The sidearm throws are less stressful on Wright's lower back than throwing overhand.

"He's had to make some adjustments because of his lower back," Collins said. "Certainly last year, at the time when he came back, he talked about how during his rehab they really forced him to make sure he's using his legs more. So that's something we've got to make sure we work on."

Collins added that Wright's arm strength this season might have been negatively affected by him not playing until late in the Grapefruit League schedule as a precaution.

"We're certainly hoping that's the case -- that as we get into the summer and he's throwing more and more ... we're hoping it comes around," Collins said.