Michael Conforto angered and motivated over left-field misplays

DENVER -- New York Mets left fielder Michael Conforto got some tough weekend lessons about how the balls play tricks at high-altitude Coors Field.

Conforto misjudged Carlos Gonzalez's second-inning line drive and the ball sailed over his head for a double on Sunday. Gonzalez then scored the Colordao Rockies' opening run, which proved huge as the Mets lost 4-3 and were swept in the three-game series.

"I just didn't get a great read on it," Conforto said. "I didn't think he got it as well as he did. Obviously it took off on me. It's no excuse. I've got to make that play. I've got to be at least in a better position. That falls on me. I've got to work on that."

In the series opener, Conforto had a liner from Gerardo Parra skip by him for what generously was scored a triple rather than a single and an error. That proved costly for Matt Harvey in a 5-2 loss.

"It was kind of a similar thing," Conforto said. "I thought it might hang up enough for me to get there. I just got caught in between. So, unfortunately, that one is on me, too. It ended up being a big inning for Harv, who was throwing well at that time. It kind of took all of the momentum away and gave it to them.

"It's really very frustrating for me. It angers me, but it also motivates me to work on that to make sure those things don't happen anymore."