Matt Harvey shuts down White Sox, wins back Mets fans

NEW YORK -- You'll hear it again, Terry Collins told Matt Harvey. This summer, you'll hear it again.

Who knew it could happen this month? Who knew it could happen this fast?

Eleven days after he was booed off the Citi Field mound after the worst start of his career, Harvey heard New York Mets fans chanting his name Monday, after a start that was right up there with his best.

Harvey allowed just two hits in seven shutout innings, and Neil Walker's home run in the seventh gave him and the Mets a 1-0 win over the Chicago White Sox.

It was the first time Harvey had even seen the seventh inning in 11 starts this season, and the first time he had thrown a fastball as hard as 98 mph (he threw four at 98, plus seven at 97). But the change Monday was about more than just numbers.

This was a more confident Harvey, a Harvey who finally seemed willing to act like a power pitcher again. All but one of his first 11 pitches was a fastball, and he maintained his velocity and the willingness to use the fastball throughout his 87-pitch outing.

The fans noticed.

It was just two weeks ago, in the wake of that career-worst outing against the Washington Nationals, that Collins told his one-time ace that the fans would chant his name again.

"But you've got to get better to hear it," the Mets manager said later.

Monday, Harvey got better. In the seventh inning, the chanting began.

He heard it again.