Ollie's velocity passable

Oliver Perez has tossed 10 scoreless innings in his two starts with Culiacan in the Mexican Winter League, after allowing five earned runs in five relief ininngs.

More relevant, especially with the Mets now likely to lose Pedro Feliciano in addition to Hisanori Takahashi, is the report on Perez's velocity -- which was way down during the 2010 season. After all, Perez or Pat Misch may be the best left-handed reliever the Mets have under control at the moment.

According to a source with knowledge of Perez's fastball velocity, it has been passable, although not nearly at the mid-90s level during his 15-win season in 2007.

"Early velocities were 87-89, occasional 90 -- all out of the pen," the source said. "Starting velocities have been consistent 88, but spikes are higher and more common -- 91s and occasional 92s."

Perez's average fastball velocity during the 2010 regular season was 88.0 mph. His career average is 91.0 mph, according to FanGraphs.