Taylor Buchholz salary info

Taylor Buchholz

Relief Pitcher
New York Mets


Right-hander Taylor Buchholz, who signed for a base salary of $600,000 with the Mets, actually can earn as much as $1.2 milllion working out of the Mets' bullpen in 2011.

According to his contract, Buchholz will get a $400,000 bonus if he makes the 25-man roster and is not on the disabled list, right away lifting the salary to $1 million.

He will get $40,000 bonuses for appearing in 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 games -- making it possible to earn another $200,000.

That raises the total value of the deal to $1.2 million if he makes the roster and appears in 60 games.