Alderson: Offseason basically done

After presenting Chin-lung Hu with a No. 25 Mets jersey on Wednesday afternoon at Citi Field, GM Sandy Alderson indicated the Mets are basically done collecting players this winter.

The Mets had 63 players in camp last year, and want to have fewer this season in order to focus attention and instruction.

“We’re pretty much there, I think,” Alderson said. “It’s possible something will pop up. Right now, we’re at about 55, 56 players in camp. We don’t want to get certainly beyond 60. I would say we’re just about at our max. I think we’re about ready to go. Again, something could pop up. But I don’t expect anything to happen.”

Aside from raises for players already under control, Alderson committed only about $8 million to new players -- although some additions, such as Chris Young and Chris Capuano can make $3 million or more additional in incentive-based bonuses.

Aside from Capuano and Young for the rotation and Hu as a backup middle infielder, the Mets also have signed outfielders Scott Hairston and Willie Harris, catcher Ronny Paulino, and pitchers D.J. Carrasco, Taylor Buchholz, Taylor Tankersley, Tim Byrdak and Blaine Boyer.

“Actually, I feel pretty good about it,” Alderson said about the additions. “We’ve been able to address all of our needs. Hopefully we’ve addressed those needs well. We’re going to find out in spring training and early in the season. But given what latitude we had, I’m actually happy with what we have. I think we’ve maximized our resources and are happy with what we have going into spring training.”