Johan hasn't thrown*

Johan Santana

Starting Pitcher
New York Mets


A source familiar with Johan Santana's recovery from surgery said people are under a misimpression if they believe the ace has not done anything throwing-wise since undergoing Sept. 14 surgery to repair a torn anterior capsule in his left shoulder. It just hasn't been with a baseball.

Mets doctor David Altchek cleared Santana to begin tossing a baseball on Jan. 14, but Santana's physical therapist in Fort Myers, Fla., preferred the ace first replicate throwing motions doing other excercises. So Santana has been using a "pitch-back"-type netting and throwing a weighted ball against it. He's also doing a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar-type skyhook motion and bouncing a ball off a wall.

Santana is not expected back before June or July.