Paulino still absent from camp

Terry Collins said he had no better estimate of when catcher Ronny Paulino might resolve a visa issue and arrive in Mets camp.

Paulino's visa is being held up because of his positive test for a performance-enhancing substance last season with the Florida Marlins, GM Sandy Alderson has said.

Ronny Paulino

New York Mets


"Gosh, I don’t," Collins said when asked if he knew when Paulino may arrive in camp. "Sandy tried to explain the process to me yesterday. Nobody is on top of it better than he is, because he knows what’s going on down there [from his former job cleaning up MLB operations in Latin America]. He’s so familiar with it. We were hoping that as that doctor -- as soon as the report comes out, that he’s ready to go, that he’s done everything he needs to do to get his visa, [and] he’ll be here the next day. I don’t know when that will happen."

By doctor, Collins presumably was referring to the U.S. Government being satisfied that a banned substance is no longer an issue via some sort of medical review.

As for the first-year Mets catcher losing time acquainting himself with an unfamiliar staff, Collins expressed no concern.

"He’ll get his chance to catch. He can learn that fast," Collins said.

Collins noted that Paulino played winter ball in the Dominican Republic, so he should arrive reasonably sharp. Paulino has eight games remaining on his suspension anyway. He will be allowed a 10-day window to work in the minors before being activated by the Mets, although the minor league seasons begin a handful of days later than the major league season anyway, so he's unlikely to exhaust the maximum minor league tune-up time.

"We’ve got a lot of time to get him ready," Collins said. "Six weeks for spring training is about getting all that pitching staff ready. I think you can get a hitter ready to play in 10 days or two weeks, to be honest. As they did last year with [late-signing Rod] Barajas, if we need to run him over to minor league camp two or three days in a row to get him extra at-bats, we can do that."