Mets paying dumped players most

In the wake of Oliver Perez's release, ESPN Stats & Information's Katie Sharp reports the Mets owe more money to players they don't employ than any team in the majors. Writes Sharp:

The Mets now owe a total of $19 million to former players: $12 million to Perez, $6 million to Luis Castillo and $1 million to Gary Matthews Jr. That is by far the most money currently owed to former players of any team. The Angels owe the second-most money to former players: $11 million to Gary Matthews Jr. And this doesn’t include the $1.2 million that the Mets will be giving to Bobby Bonilla on July 1 and every year thereafter until 2035.

It also does not include the $1.1 million or so the Mets are paying Omar Minaya this year ... and then again in 2012.