Paulino has stomach, colon issue

Ronny Paulino

New York Mets


Ronny Paulino has a stomach/colon issue that was flagged in bloodwork, GM Sandy Alderson said. Paulino is undergoing more tests. He is not expected to need surgery, Alderson said. However, Paulino may need to be placed on the disabled list after the final eight games of his suspension are completed.

"There are still some tests that are pending -- lab work that won't be back until later in the week," Alderson said. "But it does appear that there are stomach and colon issues that are going to keep him out for a while. We don't know the extent of either of those. But we do think it will keep him out for a while based on the medication he'll have to take. He'll be suspended the first eight games ... but it's very possible thereafter he'll go on the disabled list for a period of time."

Alderson said the Mets are not in the market for a backup catcher. Mike Nickeas will break camp with the team.

"Right now we anticipated having Nickeas as out backup the first eight games," Alderson said. "We'll see how that goes, but right now we're not anxious about it."