Pudge, Livan catch Reyes

Jose Reyes

New York Mets


Jose Reyes was thrown out for only the second time in 10 steals attempts this season when Ivan Rodriguez caught him for the final out of the top of the seventh inning and the Mets trailing by a run. Actually, Reyes' only other caught stealing this season was on a pickoff move last Friday by Arizona's Joe Saunders, so this marked the first time he had been thrown out on a delivery to the plate.

Reyes said Livan Hernandez quick-pitched in addition to Rodriguez making a solid throw to second base.

"He's still got a great arm," Reyes said about Rodriguez. "... That's a perfect throw right there. And Livan, he went a little quicker to home plate. They got me. I take a chance there any time. He went quick to the plate. The whole game he was like 1.3 [seconds] to home plate. And that one he was 1.1. He got me."

Said Rodriguez: "I'm not going to lie to you. That was a missile that I threw to second base."