Wishing for more of Chris Young

If this latest injury is indeed the end for Mets starter Chris Young, it's really a shame, because it would have been something worth seeing had Young managed to stay fully healthy.

There are a number of ways, statistically speaking, in which Young's potentially career-finishing four-start, 24-inning stint is simply amazing.

Chris Young

Starting Pitcher
New York Mets


Young's 1.88 ERA would be the best overall mark for any Mets pitcher who made at least four starts with the team. In single-season annals, it's topped only by Dwight Gooden's 1.53 ERA in 1985, Mike Birkbeck's 1.63 ERA in four starts in 1995 and Tom Seaver's 1.76 ERA in 1971.

Young allowed only 12 hits over those 24 innings. Go back through the history of the AL and NL, all the way back to the dawn of the National League in 1876, and there is only one other pitcher who made as many starts and pitched as many innings as Young did this year, who could match Young's rate of 4.5 hits allowed per nine innings.

That would be former Cleveland Indians pitcher Herb Score, who yielded 18 hits in 36 innings in 1957, the year his season was tragically cut short when he was hit in the head by a line drive.

The Mets record for best single-season hits-per-nine-innings rate belongs to Sid Fernandez, who allowed just 5.7 hits per nine innings in 1985. In fact, Fernandez and Nolan Ryan hold the top six spots in that statistical category.

As we noted last Monday, Young had two starts this season in which he pitched at least seven innings, allowing two hits or fewer. Both of those resulted in no-decisions.

The only other pitcher to have two such starts in a season in which he did not get a decision was Dwight Gooden in his rookie season, 1984.

Young's last start, against the Phillies on May 1, marked the ninth time since 2005 he pitched at least seven scoreless innings, allowing two hits or fewer. The only pitcher with as many in that span is Jake Peavy.

Such is the cycle of baseball life that, as Young heads to the shelf, Peavy returns from his own set of injuries to pitch again in the major leagues, for the White Sox on Wednesday night.