Einhorn quotes from Citi

Here are comments from David Einhorn on Monday at Citi Field:

On reports of path to majority ownership:

“The agreement itself is confidential,” Einhorn said. “The terms are … I can’t disclose terms, as per the agreement. It just wouldn’t be the right thing to do. But let me just say this: When the agreement first came out, when the discussion of it first came out, there was a lot of reaction that this was a very one-sided agreement in favor of the Wilpons. Now, as other stuff, much of which is not correct, has come out, there’s a lot who view that the agreement is very one-sided in favor of me. Both of those characterizations are wrong. This agreement, I think, is a fair agreement. It’s a win-win agreement. It covers a lot of the basic goals I was hoping to achieve in the negotiations. I think it achieved a lot of the basic goals that the Wilpons were trying to achieve in the negotiations. And it sets us on a path to a very good partnership going forward.”

How quickly will deal be completed?

“Hopefully in the next few weeks,” Einhorn said. “The goal is by the end of June. And there’s a little bit of cushion in that. So if it goes smoothly, it could be a little quicker than that. But on the other hand there’s a lot of people who have to sign off on it, so it could easily extend all the way until the end of the month.”

Significant issues remaining in deal?

“As best I can tell, I think we’re down to very, very small issues -- and mostly documentations and approvals,” Einhorn said.

Can you increase stake at some point?

“I’m not going to give any confirmation -- one way or another -- on any of the specific terms of the agreement,” Einhorn said. “It would just violate the confidentiality that we have in place. I can’t do that.”

Can you assure Mets fans the next few years will not be a slow slide in financial oblivion?

“I can’t make any such assurance,” Einhorn said. “It’ll be what it’ll be. It’s not that people aren’t going to try really hard to avoid that sort of a circumstance, but the future is uncertain. And there is a wide range of possible outcomes of all sorts of things. That’s true in life in general. And it’s true in this circumstance as well.”

Want to own any team as principal owner at some point?

“Right now I’m just focused on the opportunity that’s right here – on the transaction that’s at hand,” Einhorn said.

Thoughts on team?

“I don’t have anything to say about the team at this point,” Einhorn said. “I just don’t think it would be the right thing to do.”

On Citi Field

“The ballpark is beautiful,” Einhorn said. “The one thing that immediately comes out is almost anywhere you are in the ballpark is a nice place to watch the game. Whether it’s the food or the walking around, it’s spacious. It’s nice. It’s a very pleasant place to be. We’ve had fantastic weather all weekend, which makes it even better.”