Carter completes first week of radiation

Gary Carter's daughter continues to provide poignant updates on the status of his treatment for cancerous brain tumors. Here's a portion of what daughter Kimmy Bloemers wrote Monday night:

Dad finished his 5th day of radiation today. He started last Tuesday so technically today completes his first week. We are all thankful that radiation is at 10:00am because it forces dad to wake up and get his day started. Dad's mornings have been better these last few days...not 100% but they are definitely getting better! He does everything on his own and his days are now in a routine.

Patience is a key word right now since things are very different in the household. Dad does not drive at all and does not have his "typical" busy days. Throughout the day, dad is both relaxed and frustrated...so the days can be a lot like a roller coaster. He wants to do more than he can actually do. Just like me, dad enjoys days of accomplishment so it is frustrating when he becomes tired and confused. Sometimes, he will walk into a room and not know what he wants or needs. The family is all pitching in to make each day run as smooth as possible. We are spending a lot of time as a family. There is no doubt that there is mixed emotions amongst each family member. We have a lot going on and we are taking each moment at a time. When we feel overwhelmed or sad, we turn to Scripture because we find our hope in the Lord...

On a side note, we are creating TEAM CARTER t-shirts and bracelets that will be ready for purchase very soon. I will let you all know how to go about getting one or many of your own. This is not dad's idea. He wanted to make sure all of you know that. There have been many requests for this so we are putting together something great for you all to wear as you pray for this mighty miracle! There is a link on garycarter.org to a guy in NY who is selling t-shirts that say, "We Love Ya Kid Carter." He is selling them to raise money for my dad's foundation. Just to clarify, these are not the Team Carter shirts, but feel free to purchase one if you'd like (they too are for a great cause)!