Wright says Einhorn news has 'zero effect'

David Wright was asked what type of effect the David Einhorn ownership fallout will have on him and his teammates.

David Wright

David Wright

#5 3B
New York Mets

2011 STATS

  • GM76
  • HR11

  • RBI44

  • R44

  • OBP.356

  • AVG.268

“I think it has zero effect on us,” Wright replied Thursday. “I got a chance to meet him. He seemed like a nice guy, seemed like a very smart guy. I enjoyed the conversations I had with him.

“But at the end of the day, it has really no effect on anybody in here. It’s obviously the people upstairs that know more about it than we do. We just read the headlines. I just don’t think it has much effect on the guys on here at all.”

Wright said he was not following the Einhorn situation very closely. In fact, he didn’t hear that the Mets had called off further talks with the prospective minority owner until he saw it on ESPN’s bottom line in the clubhouse.

“I didn’t follow it very closely because there’s so many thing to worry about when you play everyday,” Wright said. “The last thing I wanna do is get involved in something that I have zero control over, and that really isn’t gonna effect the outcome of our team during the season.

“I might follow it more if it happened during the offseason, just because there’s not much going on, but playing everyday, trying to get ready for games, you just don’t think about that stuff as much as you would think that maybe we do.”

Wright was asked if he had any concerns about the team going forward.

“It’s not the future. It’s the present,” Wright replied. “We’ll see what happens this offseason. I don’t know what the financial situation is. I’ve never been one not just in baseball, but I’m not very good at making plans and what happens down the road. I’m more of a day-to-day type of guy. Right now you just think about the task right now, and you worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

“I don’t really understand the financial situation, and I wouldn’t even if I did see it, so we’ll just let that take care of itself and we’ll cross that bridge when get there.”