Terry Collins sees Duda as 2012 RF

Terry Collins’ plan for Lucas Duda in 2012?

“Right now I’m looking at Lucas Duda as the right fielder -- as of tonight,” Collins said.

The manager did allow for the possibility of flipping Jason Bay to right field and Duda to left field, but did not portray that as the most likely scenario.

If the arbitration-eligible Angel Pagan is nontendered after making $3.5 million this season, the likelihood is the Mets go outside the organization for a center fielder.

Collins explicitly said he had no interest in Bay in center field flanked by Daniel Murphy and Duda.

“I’m not sure I could see that,” Collins said.

There’s a whole winter of potential trades to go, but if Jose Reyes departs, it stands to reason Ruben Tejada mans shortstop and Murphy gets second. If Reyes stays? Well, it becomes more interesting.

“I wish I could answer it,” Collins said about Murphy’s position. “I just know he’s going to be somewhere. I don’t know where it’s going to be yet, but I’ve got to get his bat in the lineup. I think there’s a chance to have some changes on the club that I just think there’s going to be a place. I don’t know where it is yet.”

Josh Satin is confirmed to play for Caracas in Venezuela this winter. Satin hopes to play the outfield rather than first base, to become more versatile for a potential 2012 utility role.

Jason Bay was back in Friday’s lineup after missing all three games in St. Louis due to illness.