Chat recap: Uniform rumblings, etc.

Here is an excerpt from beat writer Adam Rubin's chat at ESPN.com earlier Thursday ...

Joe (VA)

Hey Adam, any news of changes in the 2012 uniforms?

Adam Rubin

(12:07 PM)

Actually, there are rumblings that what I wrote back in August regarding changes is dead on and will be announced in the not-too-distant future. The Mets are going to borrow significantly, I hear, from the early 1960s uniforms. You can see a picture of that era of uniform at that link. I hear the black drop shadow is going away, so it will just be the orange and blue lettering ... script "Mets" for the home lettering, block letters "NEW YORK" for the road. Even the bright white home uniforms (without the pinstripes) should drop the black shadow. ... There's going to be a patch on a sleeve I hear, too, with the city skyline and "50th anniversary" on it. ... I even hear banner day may be making a comeback.

Read the full chat transcript here.

For clarification, the Mets still will have black uniforms in 2012, but I'm hearing they will be used only a limited amount. The blue uniforms discussed if you click on the above link then become an alternate in 2013.