Helpful advice for offseason

If you're a Mets fan and want to preserve your sanity this offseason, here's a bit of advice: Assume Jose Reyes will sign elsewhere and that Ruben Tejada is your 2012 Opening Day shortstop. That should allow you to withstand every report suggesting Reyes imminently is out the door without getting worked up.

Amid the latest report Reyes is on the verge of signing with the Miami Marlins, Chris Leible, who is one of Reyes' agents, and the godfather to two of Reyes' children, tweeted: "Won a softball dh today, clinched 1st seed (22-2) Enjoying the #nfl. Not much else going on #verynormalsunday."

And Leible is an honest man, which affirms there is no imminent move with Reyes.

Of course, it should be noted, Leible is an enormous University of Miami fan. And perhaps he can swing by Coral Gables more often if he had a prominent client in South Florida.