Alderson: No quick Reyes result expected

Sandy Alderson addressed Jose Reyes’ free agency on Monday afternoon at the GM Meetings in Milwaukee.

Here’s a summary:

Alderson said he has spoken with agent Peter Greenberg since Reyes’ trip to Miami last week. The sides are not expected to meet at the GM Meetings, nor is any team, because Greenberg is out of the country.

The Jonathan Papelbon signing with the Phillies notwithstanding, Alderson still expects the Reyes pursuit to go slowly.

He said he was not resigned to losing Reyes.

“We’ve had some conversations. I wouldn’t classify them as substantive -- more than phone tag. … I don’t want to get into any detail. But I also while saying I don’t want to comment, I don’t want to give you the false impression that we are anywhere along the road. I still think it’s early, notwithstanding all the background noise from the last week.

“Nobody has promised us we’ll have the last clear chance, but I would expect we would continue to talk with Jose’s agents,” Alderson continued. “It’s been amicable to this point.”

Alderson added that it’s no use worrying about whether Reyes ends up elsewhere in the division because it’s out of the Mets’ control. He added that not getting a second-round pick rather than first-round pick if Reyes signs with the Marlins -- Miami’s No. 9 overall pick is protected -- also is not worth worrying about because it’s out of the Mets’ control.

“I don’t think Jose ending up anywhere outside the Mets is ideal,” Alderson said. “In terms of in the division or out of the division, ultimately that’s not something we control.”

Asked if the Mets' payroll constraints was fueling the approach to Reyes' free agency, Alderson did not put up that big a protest. He said: “I wouldn’t say that’s strictly the case -- that if the payroll were higher we would definitely re-sign Jose. I wouldn’t say that was necessarily the case.”