Buffalo may boot Mets

The New York Mets, who were booted from Norfolk, Va., after the 2006 season, may be in for the same fate in Buffalo after the 2012 campaign.

The Mets' second two-year player-development agreement with Buffalo expires after the 2012 season. And dissatisfaction with the product the Mets are supplying has the Bisons leaning toward switching affiliations when the current agreement expires, according to industry sources.

The Mets were able to smooth things over with Buffalo and keep them as an affiliate after the original two-year agreement expired because of Terry Collins' hiring to oversee the minors in 2010 and his popularity in Buffalo. Collins managed the Bisons when they were affiliated with the Pirates.

When the Mets were booted from Norfolk, they ended up in New Orleans in the Pacific Coast League for two years -- which was undesirable for travel.

The Mets have produced records of 56-87, 76-68 and 61-82 in three seasons in Buffalo. And word is they're not throwing around a ton of money to minor league free agents this offseason.