Sandy Alderson tidbits

Sandy Alderson held a conference call with reporters previewing the winter meetings. Read the full news story here.

Here are tidbits:

• On Jose Reyes, Alderson said: "I certainly would hope we'll have conversations certainly by the time we get to Dallas, or at Dallas. There have not been any discussions in recent days, but I do expect to have them. ... As far as the market for Jose is concerned, I only know what I read in the paper. There haven’t been additional reports that I’ve heard about other offers. So I'm not sure there's much more clarity than we had when the first time the Miami visit/proposal was reported.”

• On reportedly rebuffing Jorge Posada's inquiry: “I can only corroborate what the agent said, and that is that didn’t happen. I’ve had no communication with the agent. I’d say that eventuality (Posada signing with the Mets) is unlikely.”

• Alderson identified catching, second base "depending what happens," and the bench as areas to fill, but nothing more "glaring" than bullpen.

• Asked how many new players he would leave Dallas with next week, Alderson said: "We could come back with none, although I'd be surprised if we didn't take somebody in the Rule 5 draft. It’s just hard to predict."

• Alderson said closer signings so far have emboldened agents to shoot for moon, but he still thinks there are fewer landing spots than inventory, which should eventually drive down prices.

• On the trade market, the GM said: "I don’t think the trade market is well developed at this point."