Wright on trade talk: 'going to be a pain'

David Wright spoke with former teammate Cliff Floyd as well as Mike Ferrin on Sirius XM. Here's what Wright had to say:

On the potential of being traded: “It’s going to be a pain. I saw Jose Reyes everyday had to answer questions about trade rumors and what was going to happen to him. Frankly, it would be nice to not have to go through that but I’m going to do my best to answer those questions hopefully in spring training and not everyday have to answer to this rumor or that rumor. But I understand the business side of it. I understand what happens with players in my situation. I’m expecting it to, I guess, be some sort of an issue. I’m going into this year just with, if I’m going to be traded, just questions with stuff that pertains to that. Hopefully we get off to a good start as a team and that kinda answers some of the questions. It’s not something that I am looking forward to, going out there and have to deal with the rumors. Because that’s what they are, there’s a million rumors out there and that’s what they are -- rumors -- until something happens. But, again, I have no control over it. That’s out of my hands so if it happens, it happens. But I love being in New York, I love the energy, I love that atmosphere. Like I said, hopefully we get off to a good start and that kinda puts some of that to rest.”

On 2012 Mets expectations: “There’s no question that we have question marks and I think that, judging by what a lot of the other teams in the National League East have done this offseason to make themselves better, of course there’s going to be question marks going into this season. But you have to really kind of focus on what we do have, not worry about who’s not there. I think that you look at Johan, hopefully we get the Johan Santana that everybody remembers that can go out there and shut teams down. Even if he’s 75-80 percent, I’ll take that 75-80 percent Johan Santana any day. We have some guys coming back from some injuries, we have some guys coming off some down years so there’s a lot that our clubhouse has to prove this year not just as a team, but a bunch of individuals that want to go out there and reestablish themselves or prove themselves. And a bunch of young players that bring a lot of fire and intensity to the game. So I think that’s a good combination when you have that many guys going out there wanting to prove something.”