Garage sale: Mets auction pieces of Citi

Well, just like the rest of us, when you need to raise some cash, the Wilpons are having a garage sale. They are auctioning off pieces of their stadium.

You can have a portion of the soon-to-be defunct wall that had the Wheat Thins ad, the Verizon ad, the Delta ad and the Lincoln ad on it. The Mets are opening the bids around $800 to $1K for each of these. Consider there is barely any history associated with them -- they are not exactly Fenway's Citgo sign after three years -- it is hard to believe there is a huge market. But when you need cash, you need cash.

What might be more appealing are pieces of the 1988 NL East Division wall banner, the 2006 NL East Division wall banner and the 2000 NL champion wall banner. At least they represent winning something, not companies who paid money to advertise on a wall.

As any of us who have ever had a garage sale know, every dollar matters so step right up and help your team get rid of the junk memorabilia they don't need anymore.

Questions of the Day: Would you buy any of this stuff? How much would you pay for it? And why?