Mets trending on Twitter daily? Amazin'

So you say there's little enthusiasm for the Mets entering the 2012 season? Well, how come they are trending on Twitter virtually every afternoon -- not just in New York or nationally, but globally? (It happened Tuesday under the hashtag #MetsLoveSongs)?

Well, actually, thank the anonymous fan behind the Twitter handle @JedSmed.

"When I started getting active on Twitter around year ago, I started following some really smart, creative and funny Mets fans," he or she explained to ESPNNewYork.com via email. "I noticed many adding humorous hashtags to the end of their tweets, and I thought: 'What if we banded together? What if we pooled our creativity behind a single hashtag each day? Could we unite a fan base into a social media force -- while getting the Mets some attention in the process?'

"So in my spare time, I started thinking of funny hashtag ideas (or in many cases, taking suggestions from fellow tweeps). #MetsChickFlicks? Sure. #MetsMafiaNicknames? Could work. #MetsRejectedPromotionalDates? Plenty of material to work from there!

"As I thought of ideas, I started brainstorming possible responses, banking them in my phone. I figured, if I can knock out a couple dozen responses in 10 minutes, I know much greater minds than mine could also get behind it and give it a chance to trend on Twitter. So I gave it a shot.

"#MetsChickFlicks? Sure. #MetsMafiaNicknames? Could work. #MetsRejectedPromotionalDates? Plenty of material to work from there! I started tweeting the hashtags -- and I felt it catching on. Then I got organized.

"After picking a daily topic, I set a time (weekdays just before 2 p.m., during my lunch break) and started promoting it a few times a day for a 1:45-ish start. When the time comes, I start firing off a bunch of the banked tweets from my phone, hoping my followers start joining in and spreading it through their followers. After that, I sit back and let the best sports fan base on Twitter take over! Mets fans are always up for a challenge.

"The best part for me is watching these creative -- and hilarious -- fans run with the ball. I'm proud to 'know' and associate with these very clever people (of whom I actually have met not a single one)!

"Bottom line: The daily hashtags are a way for Mets fans to come together on Twitter and celebrate the team we love, warts and all. And it's gotten more traction than I ever thought possible. In the past three weeks or so, every Mets hashtag we've started has trended either in NYC or nationwide. A half-dozen of them have even trended worldwide -- in fact, in the last week, it's become a daily occurrence for the Mets hashtag to go global.

"It's a true testament to the team's passionate fan base. I hope Mets brass realizes we're still out here, creatively passing the time, waiting for good things to happen. We've stuck with this team through a lot, and as much as we love them, poking fun at them through the tougher times (like, now) helps us get through seasons when the hated Yankees, Braves and Phillies have more to cheer about than we do. Personally, I think Sandy Alderson is the man to eventually pull this team out of the abyss -- assuming the payroll doesn't go much lower. But, hey, that's just the Twitter GM in me talking.

"As for me personally, I'm just an average, VERY passionate Mets fan (who prefers to remain anonymous) that has spent almost all of his life rooting for the Mets, for better or worse. I try to be analytical, logical, and rational when it comes to this team, although admittedly, that tactic doesn't always work. Having a sense of humor certainly helps!

"These hashtags are a way for Mets fans to celebrate the team -- while we wait for something to REALLY celebrate! We've all learned that being a Mets fan is, if nothing else, a character-building exercise. I see the hashtags as a perfect way for me, and other frustrated fans, to blow off steam. But I think our love and passion for the team always comes through in the end. At least, I hope it does. That's the thing that counts.

"Now, I'm just hoping we can keep this going until Opening Day, as I've promised, until there's real stuff to tweet about. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about trying #MetsBeatWriterCatchphrases for next week. Got any ideas?"