In-season negotiation? Wright noncommittal

A year ago, Jose Reyes' agents indicated they did not want to discuss an extension in-season. Instead, they wanted Reyes to be able to focus on baseball, and they wanted the opportunity to test the free-agent waters.

David Wright

David Wright

#5 3B
New York Mets

2012 STATS

  • GM33
  • HR4

  • RBI21

  • R25

  • OBP.489

  • AVG.398

Would David Wright take a similar tact -- no discussions whatsoever in-season -- if the Mets tried to initiate extension talks this summer?

Wright said he had not even thought about that scenario and was neither enthusiastic nor dismissive. It would be a somewhat different scenario than Reyes, in that the Mets approached the shortstop the summer before his free agency. Wright is under the team's control through 2013, with a team option for next season at $16 million.

Wright said the topic has not come up among him and his agents Sam and Seth Levinson and ex-Met Keith Miller.

"Honest to goodness, I haven't thought about it," Wright said. "I haven't talked to Sam or Seth or Keith about anything. That's something I've yet to think about or approach with anybody, because it hasn't been brought up. There's no answer to that because it hasn't been approached yet. I'd have to discuss that with Sam and Seth and come up with a plan first. But, like I said, there's nothing going on."