Wright goes back over the .400 mark

One of the few bright spots in the Mets' 11-5 loss to the last-place San Diego Padres on Thursday was third baseman David Wright.

Wright continued his torrid pace by going 3-for-5 on the night, upping his batting average to a major league-leading .405.

He had a double in the first inning, and a single in the eighth. But the biggest hit was his two-run blast over the center-field wall in the sixth, his fifth home run of the year.

"He’s in a zone like none other," said manager Terry Collins after the game.

Wright, for one, isn't caught up in his batting average right now. "It's May," said Wright. "It’s really, really early, so you can’t get caught up in looking up at the [scoreboard].

"The important categories are I wanna be able to drive runs in and score runs. Those are things that don’t fluctuate. Once you drive in a run and score a run, that never goes away. Batting average is gonna fluctuate, go up and down depending on whether you’re a little lucky that night or not."

ANOTHER POSITIVE: Ike Davis was not in the starting lineup, but he did get to pinch-hit in the eighth inning and laced a single into right field, driving in two runs.

This was his first at-bat since Collins informed Davis that he was not in danger of being demoted to Triple-A, despite entering Thursday's game batting just .159 on the season.

"I thought Ike was certainly being himself today," Collins said after the game. "I only talked to him briefly, a little bit on the field, but I had three or four people tell me today that they thought he was a different person today, personality-wise. And the intent was to try to ease off a little bit and let him take a deep breath and get himself thinking about what he’s gotta do to be successful, and not what’s hanging over his head."

"In [batting practice] I was hitting balls on the line that were going out of the ballpark. I hadn’t done that really all year," Davis said. "It’s a positive, but I still have a long way to get back, and just have to keep grinding it out."

ANOTHER INJURY? Ramon Ramirez, the only Mets pitcher to not give up a run on the night, may have injured himself before leaving the game.

"I’m hoping that Ramon’s OK," Collins said. "I saw him come off the mound, he was limping going to first base, covering first base, so I wanna go check on him."

There is no further update on Ramirez at this time.

Ramirez pitched 1-1/3 innings on Thursday night, giving up no runs on one hit, with two strikeouts.

On the season, Ramirez has a 4.07 ERA in 20 appearances and 25-2/3 innings pitched.