Ump: I saw Beltran's ball go foul

To start the sixth, Carlos Beltran, in his first game back since leaving the Mets last year, scorched a shot down the line. A replay showed Beltran hit the white chalk on the third base line. Umpire Adrian Johnson ruled it a foul ball and Beltran ended up grounding out.

“I saw the ball hitting outside the line, just foul,” Johnson said to a reporter after the game.

Johnson said he saw the replay.

So what did you think?

"No comment," Johnson said

After the missed call, Cardinals third base coach, Jose Oquendo argued and looked as if he might have even bumped Johnson.

"I have no recollection of that," Johnson said.

What was your discussion about with Oquendo?

"It was about the yelling from the dugout," Johnson said of the Cardinals, who had a right to complain.

However you look at it, Johnson is now a part of Mets' lore.