TC: Mets fighting, not folding

PHILADELPHIA -- Terry Collins heard the talk-radio accusations the Mets had quit.

After the Mets beat the Philadelphia Phillies, 9-5, in 10 innings on Tuesday night at Citizens Bank Park, the manager said that is completely untrue.

"This team has been accused of folding it up," Collins said. "I disagree with that. I disagreed when I heard it. I know those guys in that locker room. I know what they're made of. I know what their personalities are. And when you don't hit, it looks like you don't care. That's just the nature of the game. When you don't hit, there's no action going on. It looks like you've folded it up. And they have not.

"They're going to play it out. There's guys playing for jobs. There's guys playing for careers. And there's still a lot of fight. Hopefully in the next 34 games, or 33 games -- whatever we've got left – we'll see it."

That said, Collins said the Mets did appear to have more life than on their seven-game homestand, when they went 2-5 and mustered only a total of 11 runs against the doormat Colorado Rockies and Houston Astros.

"I'll tell you what: I thought we had a lot more energy tonight," Collins said. "I think the day off -- even Sunday having a day game, the rest of that day and then all day yesterday -- I saw some quickness in some bats that I haven't seen in a while."