Mets react to disputed call on Torres' double

ST. LOUIS -- With the Mets trailing 5-4 in the ninth on Sunday afternoon, Andres Torres led off with a line drive into the right field corner. Cards right fielder Shane Robinson fielded the ball cleanly and fired to second baseman Skip Schumaker. Torres just beat the throw.

After Torres was looked at by Mets training staff and play resumed, closer Jason Motte appealed the play and threw to first baseman Matt Carpenter. First base umpire Dave Rackley called Torres out for missing the first-base bag. Cardinals outfielder Carlos Beltran, sitting out the game with a knee injury, was watching the game in the dressing room. He alerted manager Mike Matheny to appeal the play.

Mets manager Terry Collins argued the call, but it stood. Collins said after the game that Rackley offered no explanation after the play.

"I get back to the bench and I got 10 guys telling me he touched the bag," said Collins. "I have never seen that call in the big leagues."

Torres said he touched the inside of the bag with his left heel.

"I thought I had it and I think he missed the call," said Torres. "I was surprised when I saw the call. I never thought he was going to call me out. I was surprised."

It was difficult to see if Torres had touched the bag on the replays, which do show Rackley looking down at the bag as Torres was approaching first base and after he turned toward second.

"I was watching the outfielder too, where he was and where he got to the ball," Torres said. "What can I say, nobody is perfect. It was a tough one."

Rackley said there was no doubt Torres missed the bag.

"It looked (the replay) like exactly what I saw on the field," said Rackley. "He went over the front corner with his toe and it just kicked dirt up on to the base."