Howard explains pricy Opening Day tickets

Individual tickets for the first couple months of the season went on sale Monday, and Mets fans on Twitter erupted in displeasure with the revelation that the lowest-priced seats for Opening Day were $63 (plus service fees).

Asked about the issue Tuesday, Mets executive vice president Dave Howard suggested that most tickets for the April 1 opener against the Padres are being held back to be sold as parts of packages. He added that the high individual-game price was designed in part to entice fans to buy multi-game packs.

Howard added that if those multi-game packs do not sell out and seats remain available for Opening Day, it is conceivable the price may be lower in March.

"It's a very limited amount of inventory that was made available," Howard said. "Most of the other [Opening Day] tickets are now being reserved for those plans and the packs. What we made available for the single game at this point was just that limited amount of inventory. However, even with that limited inventory, even at that starting price point, [sales] actually went very well. It was well-received. The majority of tickets sold yesterday were for Opening Day.

"We made a before-the-holidays sale. We made a limited number available that are not in packs. So if people want a cheaper price for Opening Day, they can buy it as part of a package. Obviously, there are other games in that mix as well. But some people may think that's a better value. That's why that's an option."

As for Opening Day tickets potentially being available in March for a lower price, Howard said: "It could be, if it hasn't been sold out in packs and plans. I'm assuming there will be some availability, but you just don't know. With dynamic pricing, the price may change. But that's the rationale."