Cy-onara? Dickey trade talk 'serious'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- ESPN.com's Jayson Stark writes on Twitter: Sources say the Mets have gotten "serious" about trading R.A. Dickey as soon as this week. The Rangers and Royals are seen as the most logical fits.

Trading a reigning Cy Young Award winner that offseason would not be unprecedented, but it would be unusual. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, only six previous Cy Young Award winners have opened the following season with another team -- regardless of reason.

Cy Young Award winners to start the next season with another team:

• Catfish Hunter: 1974 Oakland Athletics, 1975 New York Yankees

• Mark Davis: 1989 San Diego Padres, 1990 Kansas City Royals

Greg Maddux: 1992 Chicago Cubs, 1993 Atlanta Braves

David Cone: 1994 Royals, 1995 Toronto Blue Jays/Yankees

Pedro Martinez: 1997 Montreal Expos, 1998 Boston Red Sox

Roger Clemens: 1998 Blue Jays, 1999 Yankees