Buster ranks '99 Mets 3rd-best infield

Buster Olney ranks the 1999 Mets as the third greatest infield of all time, trailing only the 1976 Reds and 2009 Yankees. He writes:

3. 1999 New York Mets

1B John Olerud, 2B Edgardo Alfonzo, SS Rey Ordonez, 3B Robin Ventura

Errors are often not a good barometer for infield play, but the '99 Mets were impossibly efficient -- the starting four combined for a total of 27 errors that year, which is the primary reason why the pitching staff allowed a total of 20 unearned runs that year. How good is that?

From Elias: Here are the teams with the fewest unearned runs allowed in a season since 1912 (Not counting 1918, which was a shortened season due to World War I; or 1981 and 1994, seasons that were shortened because of collective bargaining issues).

1999 Mets: 20

2012 White Sox: 30

1998 Orioles: 31

2010 Padres: 32

1995 Orioles: 33

2010 Twins: 33

2011 Braves: 33

2011 Philles: 34

2005 Braves: 35

2003 Mariners: 35

While their best work was on defense, the Mets' group stood out offensively, as well -- Olerud had a .427 on-base percentage, with 19 homers; Alfonzo hammered 27 homers and scored 123 runs; and Ventura hit 32 homers and drove in 120.

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