TC: 'Spin antics shouldn't get Wright drilled

Terry Collins could see the Pirates retaliating against Jordany Valdespin for his admiration of his ninth-inning homer Friday, but the manager doesn't think Pittsburgh would go after David Wright.

Jordany Valdespin

Jordany Valdespin

#1 CF
New York Mets

2013 STATS

  • GM28
  • HR3

  • RBI11

  • R12

  • OBP.286

  • AVG.242

"I think every situation is different. I don't think you retaliate on David Wright," Collins said. "You don't take it out on David Wright. Now will they throw at [Valdespin]? I have no idea. Fifteen years ago the answer would have been yes. I can't say that's going to happen in today's game. They won the game. I'm sure it's over with. But, you know, a lot of teams have long memories."

Asked if Valdespin should have been encouraged in the minors to keep antics that antagonize the other team in check, Collins said: "Believe me, we've talked to Jordany about a lot of things. Players who have -- I call it flair, players who play with flair, once in a while they're going to do something that annoys you. And if it bothers you enough and you're on the opposing team, you might do something. But, you know what? We addressed it. We addressed it again.

"And I tell some players once in a while, or coaches: 'You don't like it? Don't watch it. Watch somebody else.'"

WRIGHT STUFF: On Wright being in the lineup a day after fouling a ball off the inside of his left knee and departing on a double-switch for the final inning Friday, Collins said: "I'm sure he's stiff today. You don't foul it off like that off the inside of your knee without being stiff today. When I took him out last night, I told him, 'Just get some ice on it.' But he said, 'Look, I can finish.' So I'm sure he'll be stiff, but he plays through a lot. So he'll be OK."

ONE-HIT WONDERS: Matt Harvey recently tossed nine scoreless innings, allowing only an infield single against the Chicago White Sox. And on Friday night, St. Louis' Shelby Miller and Boston's Jon Lester each tossed walk-free one-hit shutouts.

"I just know you don't have a lot of the guys who really walk up with a definite two-strike approach anymore," Collins said about the pitchers' dominance. "... The power is so dominant now that everybody has got longer swings. So you can see, when you're locating, that's when the strikeouts are going to come. But I'm not surprised at what I'm seeing. The arms today are so much better. There's so many more guys that throw hard and have 'plus' stuff today than there was 15 years ago. I think that's why you're seeing such a dominance in some strikeouts and pitching."

Miller opposes Shaun Marcum on Wednesday at Busch Stadium.

DOUBLE TROUBLE? While the tarp is on the field 90 minutes before Saturday's first pitch at Citi Field, it is not currently raining. If the game were rained out, Collins said a doubleheader would be scheduled for Sunday.

VIEWING PARTY: Among the extra eyes watching Zack Wheeler's start tonight in Las Vegas: roving Mets instructor Guy Conti, who will provide feedback on the performance to the major league staff.