Projected Mets pitching for August

PHOENIX -- Here is the revised projected Mets rotation for the rest of August, assuming a five-man rotation continues uninterrupted with no game postponements and there are no spot starts.

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at Arizona

Aug. 11: Jonathon Niese

at L.A.

Aug. 12: Jenrry Mejia

Aug. 13: Matt Harvey

Aug. 14: Dillon Gee

at San Diego

Aug. 15: Zack Wheeler

Aug. 16: Niese

Aug. 17: Mejia

Aug. 18: Harvey

at Minnesota

Aug. 19: Gee

vs. Atlanta

Aug. 20: Wheeler

Aug. 21: Niese


Aug. 22

vs. Detroit

Aug. 23: Mejia

Aug. 24: Harvey

Aug. 25: Gee

vs. Philadelphia

Aug. 26: Wheeler

Aug. 27: Niese

Aug. 28: Mejia

Aug. 29: Harvey

at Washington

Aug. 30: Gee

Aug. 31: Wheeler