Trading Frank Francisco remains on table

NEW YORK -- The Mets did not relish bringing Frank Francisco back to the major league club this past weekend, after paying him $6.5 million this season and getting no production because of a balky elbow.

In fact, team insiders in recent weeks privately had predicted Sandy Alderson would release the ex-closer before allowing him to wear a Mets uniform again, because they were upset with Francisco's seeming lack of urgency returning to the majors.

Frank Francisco

Frank Francisco

#48 RP
New York Mets

2013 STATS

  • GM1
  • W1

  • L0

  • BB1

  • K0

  • ERA0.00

So what happened?

With Double-A Binghamton and Triple-A Las Vegas abruptly eliminated from their playoff series, Francisco had nowhere left in the minors to pitch, since team officials did not feel it was right to send him to low-A Savannah, the lone remaining playoff team.

And, let's face it, the Mets are desperate for arms to finish out the season.

There also is a financial motivation, although a Mets official downplayed that role. As of today, with 21 days remaining in the regular season, Francisco remains owed $745,901.64.

It is "certainly possible" Francisco is traded soon, the official said, which would save the Mets some money. While Francisco would not be eligible for another team's postseason roster, he could help that team get there.

The Yankees would make as much sense as anyone, given the state of their bullpen.

Would the Mets do a deal with the Yankees?

"Why wouldn't we work something out with them?" the Mets official said.