TC disappointed rookies not stepping up

NEW YORK -- Terry Collins said he plans to soon address his team again, but he cannot do it immediately because he just said something to the group "the other day."

Make no mistake, though: The manager was upset with what he saw from his team while getting swept in a four-game series by the Nationals.

"You'd think some of these guys would grab the opportunity that's in front of them because of the injury issues on our club to say, 'Here's my chance to show I'm a major league player,'" Collins said after Thursday's 7-2 loss. "And we're not seeing it. We're not seeing it at this moment, I can tell you.

"That leads to feeling sorry for yourself. And I will not stand for that. Not in this clubhouse, not in this league. You don't feel sorry for yourself in this league. Nobody feels sorry for you in the game. You didn't see them taking their stars out when the score was 8-1 or 7-1. When they get you down, they want to beat you up. Our guys in that room, because a lot of them are young, they better learn that lesson real fast. Because if they're going to play here, they better learn how to bounce back."