Centeno shows off arm in key spot

CINCINNATI -- Juan Centeno's first career caught-stealing was a big one.

The Mets' rookie catcher threw out fellow rookie Billy Hamilton with two outs in the fifth inning of a 1-0 win over the Reds on Wednesday. Not only did it keep a speedy, dangerous baserunner out of scoring position in a tight game, it snapped Hamilton's career-opening streak of consecutive successful attempts at 13.

“I was excited,” said Centeno, who didn't face a base-stealing attempt in his only previous game. “As soon as [Hamilton] got on base, I got ready. I know he likes to go early.”

Manager Terry Collins wasn’t surprised, even though Reds right fielder Jay Bruce stole second twice in the same game before Hamilton was thrown out.

“That’s his storyline -- shutting down the running game,” Collins said. “He shut down a guy who could end up being the best base stealer of all time. That’s what we ask him to do to -- and he made it look easy.”

Centeno said this wasn’t the first streak he snapped. He once faced Arizona's Tony Campana in the minor leagues when Campana was 16-for-16.

“I got him, too,” Centeno said.