David Wright already recruiting free agents

David Wright already has been chatting with prospective free agents, trying to sell them on the merits of playing at Citi Field.

David Wright

David Wright

#5 3B
New York Mets

2013 STATS

  • GM112
  • HR18

  • RBI58

  • R63

  • OBP.390

  • AVG.307

“I don’t think players are concerned about the financial situation,” Wright told the Post. “From their perspective, they want to know if we have a chance to win. We haven’t really given ourselves a chance the last few years. ...

“It seems like there’s been more action, even just in the last week. I’ve talked to a few players, but I expect I’ll do more of it as we have a better idea of who we’re going after. Players have called me. Sandy [Alderson]’s probably tired of hearing from me, but I told him he can lean on me to do whatever he needs.”

Matt Harvey's Tommy John surgery has come up, too, in Wright's chats with free agents.

“Guys ask about what the injury means, but they also want to know about Zack Wheeler,” Wright told the newspaper. “And I tell them about guys like Noah Syndergaard and all of our young pitching that could either help us soon or be used in a trade. A lot of them don’t know about anyone besides Wheeler and Harvey.

“We have a lot of holes that need to be filled, and it’s going to be tough to fill them all in one offseason. You can’t just go out and sign everybody. So the burden is going to fall on the guys we have here. Boston showed last year you don’t need to sign top-tiered guys to win.”