Ike Davis looks like a goner

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Ike Davis is drawing far more interest from other clubs than Lucas Duda, and it looks fairly likely Davis ultimately will get traded this offseason.

A team insider told ESPNNewYork.com that with power at so much of a premium, and with Davis having hit 32 homers in 2012, teams view him as a decent bet with a change of scenery.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Ike Davis appears likely to be traded this offseason.

The source said the Mets had just started to exchange a first set of names to acquire in such a trade, so there is a ton of groundwork left to do for any trade to materialize. The source also confirmed the list of teams interested include the Astros, Brewers, Orioles, Rays and Rockies.

The Mets also have had preliminary talks with other teams about Daniel Murphy, although it is not clear he will end up getting traded.

Separately, Sandy Alderson said Wednesday afternoon that he met with a free agent and his representative on Tuesday night. Alderson added that the player just happened to be at the GM Meetings, and no face-to-face dialogue had been requested.

Alderson acknowledged he would like to begin importing players early in the offseason because of the eagerness of Mets fans and the importance of creating excitement. Still, he added, that may not be practical.

"In our situation, we'd like to do something early," Alderson said. "It would be great, if it's the right move, and if that kind of thing is possible. It may be. It may not be. We're working at it, but I can't predict anything."

Asked if he can sense "anxiety" from the fans, Alderson added: "Do I sense it? Yeah, to some extent. Do I tune it out? Yes, to the largest extent possible. Because for us this is a day-to-day proposition, and it's not that predictable. So I just sort of have to take it out of the equation to some extent, but be aware of the overall environment as well."