Brewers GM on Ike: No agreement right now

Milwaukee Brewers GM Doug Melvin acknowledged he is continuing to discuss Ike Davis

lastname Melvin with the Mets. But Melvin bluntly stated there has not been agreement with Sandy Alderson on the price for the first baseman.

"First base, I’ve had ongoing discussions with Sandy Alderson, but we haven’t gotten to anything where we’re comfortable with the deal from our side, and he’s not been comfortable with the deal from his side," Melvin told MLB.com.

Asked if the Mets were being too demanding, Melvin added: "I don’t ever get into that. Everybody makes the deal that they feel is the best deal for them. I don’t ever consider whether asking prices are too high on [trades] or not, because you don’t know until after the deal and you’ve seen players perform. I think we’ve pretty well stood by -- the one thing we’ve done -- is we do not want to give up pitching.”

ESPNNewYork.com reported Sunday that the Mets now believe Davis at least will be in camp with the ballclub in Port St. Lucie, Fla.