Upon review, Johan no-hitter would stand

Johan Santana's no-hitter -- the only one in Mets history -- arguably has an asterisk.

But it would have stood as a no-hitter, even if the new instant-replay rules had been in effect on June 1, 2012, according to Major League Baseball.

To backtrack, Carlos Beltran hit a sixth-inning line drive down the third-base line, which was ruled foul by third-base ump Adrian Johnson. In actuality, the ball struck the chalk line and should have been ruled a fair ball.

Under the new replay rules, only outfield fair/foul calls are able to be reviewed -- not those in the infield. And by infield, MLB means those in front of the umpire, according to a league official.

So even though Beltran's liner first touched the ground beyond the third-base bag, it was not a play that would have been reviewed.

MLB may adjust the rule in future seasons to make that type of play reviewable. But, for now, the league doesn't want to be involved with having to place runners on the correct bases if it can help it.

Here is the full list of plays that will be reviewable, printed verbatim from MLB:

• Home run

• Ground-rule double

• Fan interference

• Stadium boundary calls (e.g., fielder into stands, ball into stands triggering dead ball)

• Force play (except the fielder’s touching of second base on a double play)

• Tag play (including steals and pickoffs)

• Fair/foul in outfield only

• Trap play in outfield only

• Batter hit by pitch

• Timing play (whether a runner scores before a third out)

• Touching a base (requires appeal)

• Passing runners

• Record keeping (Ball-strike count to a batter, outs, score and substitutions)