Fans Burrell, Stewart trade Amazin' disses

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- "Modern Family" actor Ty Burrell, who gave a tour of the set to Mets players when the Amazin's played the Dodgers last season, appeared with fellow Mets fan Jon Stewart on Monday's "Daily Show."

The segment turned into barb after barb directed at the Mets. (Watch the video, beginning at the 3:25 mark.)

Stewart noted that his father is from Brooklyn, so he was born into Mets fandom. So Stewart was incredulous why Burrell, who is from Oregon, would voluntary subject himself to the agony of being a Mets fan.

Burrell sounded as if he chose the Mets because of all the Yankees hats in New York City, including in Queens.

"We added two people to the turnout of 1,300 people per game," Burrell joked about him and his wife going to Citi Field. "It's now 1,302."

Countered Stewart: "You know when's a great time to go to a Mets game? I used to go the last week of the season, because you really do have the run of the place. ... You can do whatever the hell you want."

Burrell added about Mets fandom: "It's the disease of being an eternal optimist. I think the Mets are winning the World Series every year. And I'm 0-for-many, many of those years."

Stewart then swung the conversation to Carlos Beltran's non-swing in the 2006 NLCS.

"And then Beltran strikes out," Stewart said. "And then he goes the Yankees, and he'll help them win a World Series."