Farnsworth rides bus without being Met

VIERA, Fla. -- Kyle Farnsworth rode with the Mets for an hour to Space Coast Stadium on Tuesday to face the Washington Nationals.

The only issue?

He technically isn't a Met right now.

Farnsworth was released Sunday as the Mets sought to avoid a $100,000 retention bonus for sending him to the minors.

The Players' Association mandated a waiting period to re-sign so that Farnsworth could look for offers from other teams, and the Mets could not so easily evade the $100,000 payment. So Farnsworth had not officially been re-signed yet when he got on the bus Tuesday.

Sandy Alderson said Farnsworth is expected to be re-signed shortly, though.

"He was on the bus. He was scheduled to pitch. But somebody forgot to tell him he wasn't a Met," Alderson deadpanned. "... I would expect he'd be re-signed very shortly."