Beltran critical, supportive of K-Rod

Carlos Beltran's family witnessed part of the Wednesday incident between Francisco Rodriguez and his father-in-law. And while pledging support for his teammate, Beltran also wasn't fully understanding.

"I talked to my wife after the game and she sounded nervous," Beltran said. "I said, ‘What happened?’ She said, ‘I’ll talk to you later about what happened.’ She told me about the incident and all that. It’s disappointing, man. You don’t want to see no one go through that. But it is what it is. Now he has to deal with that situation. Us, as players, as teammates, even though we don’t agree with what he did, we have to support him. He’s part of the ballclub. He’s going to come here and do his thing."

Asked about the team-imposed two-game suspension of Rodriguez, Beltran added: "No one should act like that. It doesn’t matter if the team did whatever it did. No one should act like that. I think that’s something as players, that’s why every step you take forward you have to know what you’re doing. To me, I do [think] he feels sorry. He feels sorry about what happened. But it’s too late."

As for the incident happening in the family area at Citi Field, Beltran added: "You don’t want nothing like this to happen at the ballpark. Everyone has family issues. We all have family issues. But family issues should be addressed at the house -- not near the ballpark, nor at the place where you work. It’s something that happened. It’s unfortunate."