Terry Collins: 'We're going to get hot, too'

MIAMI -- Terry Collins painted a glass-half-full picture after the Mets lost to the Miami Marlins, 3-0, Tuesday night to drop to 16-16 on the season.

“We’ve got 130 games to go. We’re doing all right,” Collins said. “We wish we could have won some more games. We stole a couple of games we shouldn’t have won. It all [evens] out this time of year. We’ll get it going.”

Collins proceeded to call the Colorado Rockies and Marlins “red hot.” After winning a game in Philly, the Mets are now 1-5 the remainder of the trip, to Denver and Miami, with one game remaining.

“We’re going to get hot, too,” Collins said.

Henderson Alvarez shut out the Mets on six hits Tuesday. Alvarez produced his third shutout in his past eight starts, including a no-hitter.

David Wright had a first-inning single, but lined out to center field in the fourth with Juan Lagares at third base and grounded out to shortstop two innings later to strand two in scoring position.

“I felt good tonight. I felt like I had good at-bats, just not much to show for it,” Wright said. “My worst at-bat was probably the first at-bat where I actually got a hit. My next three at-bats I thought were very good. I hit the ball hard, just right at people. They happened to be the ones with runners in scoring position. It’s frustrating. At the same time, you can’t hang your head because you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. You just need to find some holes.”

As for Lagares straying off third base on Wright’s lineout and not giving himself a chance to tag, Collins said: “The rule of thumb is if you’re at third and there are less than two outs and the ball is hit in the air, you’ve got to go back and tag. If that balls drops in, it drops in. You can’t get caught.”

Bartolo Colon allowed a pair of first-inning runs, but overall surrendered three runs in seven innings and was pleased with his outing.

“I was up in the zone,” Colon said through an interpreter about the opening frame, “but I think after that I did a good job. I think I threw a good game.”