Alderson weighs in on trading Murphy

NEW YORK -- The Mets undoubtedly are getting to a decision point with Daniel Murphy. The second baseman is making $5.8 million this year, is eligible for arbitration one more time, then becomes a free agent after the 2015 season.

And if the Mets' payroll is going to hover in the $85 million range, it seems improbable the club would pay him $8 million or more next season, then outbid others for his services in free agency.

Daniel Murphy

Daniel Murphy

#28 2B
New York Mets

2014 STATS

  • GM66
  • HR5

  • RBI25

  • R43

  • OBP.361

  • AVG.303

So a natural question becomes: When might the Mets entertain trading Murphy?

Asked during a season-ticket-holder Q&A for an assurance Murphy will not be dealt amid speculation on Twitter and blogs that he may end up available, Sandy Alderson answered: "Look, we have a real appreciation for Dan Murphy. Murphy is somebody who is an offensive player, who has really done some things this year to improve himself as an offensive player. His on-base percentage is much higher than it has been in recent years. He goes the other way. So there's no question in terms of this ballpark, he's been a plus. You know, we talk about all the time: We're looking for players that are willing to play in New York or can play in New York. He hits in New York. He hits in this ballpark.

"He's done a nice job getting himself to the point where he plays second base as well as he does. So, you know, I haven't been on Twitter in a long time. So I know you haven't been reading my tweets. And I don't think you've been reading them from Terry [Collins] either. So, at this point, do what I do: Ignore Twitter and try to ignore the blogosphere and have a beer when you go home tonight."