Jenrry Mejia celebration over the top?

NEW YORK -- Jenrry Mejia allowed the tying run to reach scoring position, but the closer eventually nailed down a 4-3 win against the Washington Nationals on Friday with a game-ending strikeout of Ian Desmond.

Mejia then debuted his latest postgame celebration -- this time an over-the-top routine that involved pointing in Desmond’s direction and reeling him in like a fisherman.

Bryce Harper in the on-deck circle was among the Nats who appeared none too pleased. Harper stared in Mejia’s direction as the Mets gathered by the mound to congratulate each other on the victory.

"That wasn't called for," Denard Span said to D.C. reporters about Mejia's antics. "No need for that."

“I just go out there and it’s like adrenaline,” said Mejia, insisting his moves are unscripted. “I just do what comes naturally. I just struck him out, and I did something to finish the game.”

Asked if reeling in batters is his new signature move after saves, Mejia added: “No, no. I’ve told you, I don’t have any move.”

Still, Mejia added, his favorite celebration came in the Bronx earlier this season.

“Everybody said I was dancing," Mejia said. "I didn’t dance. I just did what’s natural.”

Said Terry Collins: “You’ve got to have some emotion in the game. We see it everywhere. I see other teams doing it. They can get mad, if it gives them more adrenaline. I want these guys to have some fun. I don’t want to corral them and worry about every move they make. We’ll try to settle him down a little bit. But, gosh, it’s a big win for us against a first-place team and there’s no reason not to be excited.”